An International Student’s Life @ SNU..

Date: Sep 6, 2007 10:46 AM

Being a foreign student or and International Student as they say has its own benefits here. We can just ben the rules.. In other words, we can NOT-FOLLOW them.. πŸ˜€

Starting with the course registration. Its a really strict deadline for everyone but us.. πŸ˜‰ ..

If you are Korean, then the procedure goes as “Its a STRICT Deadline.. If you cant register in time, you are OUT of the course and will have to wait another year to take it again” and for us international students or so called aliens “Hmm.. Its a strict Deadline… But YOU, being a foreigner, can take another 5-6 days to choose the courses.. No problems..”

Trust me.. this is relaly a boon so that we can attend classes for about a month before choosing the right courses..

International Students get priority treatments everywhere.. They are looked upto for many things, by Koreans. We have free meals and free movies organized by various organizations. We get free Pizza parties and for those who drink, free drinks too.. In Korean Culture, if you dont follow certain general rules, its really offensive.. but fos us, if we dont follow the rules, its like “Oh.. he is international.. so let us act as if we did not notice that”

Koreans give lots of value to friendship and they trust everyon verye easily. To compare USA with Korea.. Imagine two concentric Circles… Circle A with larger Diameter than Circle B. The area in circle B denotes the inner circle with a stereotypic individual at the center. This area includes all the closest friends and family members. Area of Circle A denotes all your “friends”. In wenstern culture, the shell of Circle A is really thin and hence every one can be friends with an American (hi dude.. hey mate.. whats up? care for a movie? ..etc..etc..) But when it comes to be a best friend of a westerner.. Its really difficult.In Korea, ppl have a very thick outer shell (circle A) and hence they are apprehensive to talk to you .. But once you are in the Circle A then you get into Circle B in no time… As they trust that you are very good friend.

Phew.. enough with this logics and stuff… πŸ˜‰

In IIIT Hyderabad, we have something called “Vehicle Passes”.. These are given to the students and faculty/staff there so that it could be stuck somewhere that could be easily seen by the guards and then they would open the gates for them.. in SNU i noticed.. there are no guards.. but there is a barrier. When a registered vehicle comes in/out the barrier opens automatically and if you are not registered it remains closed.. Later i came to know that the gate pass here is an IC Chip which is attached to your car (doesnt matter where).. That emits some signals (for the layman ;)..) which is received by the receiver at the barrier and if it matches the stored ids in its memory, the barrier opens.. Phew.. soo much for a simple sticker πŸ™‚ Koreans are really impressive πŸ˜€

I know i am praising Korea sooo much and soo much.. Dont feel that “Oh now that this guy is in Korea, he is just boasting and blabbering” .. But trust me.. I am sooo impressed and wonderstruck at the things and ppl here.. The only way for you to know yourself is to come here and experience it .. πŸ˜€

Thats it for now then.

Have a wonderful time what whatever you do..


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  1. @ Prateek : Thank you..

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