From SNU 2

Date: Thu, August 30, 2007 2:38 pm


I am really sorry that i am taking so much time to compose mails. Trust me, its not because i am lazy or something (which is normally the case).. but its that we dont have laptops yet and that the college is far from where we are staying. We are given 5 star accommodation now which will continue for 2-3 months. Internet is available but no laptops for us to use now. Samsung told that they would be giving us laptops within two weeks as they have already been ordered.

Hmm so far… in very brief, as i am using a Russian Friend’s laptop which i dont wanna ask many times (it may disturb him). So please bear with me for the gaps in e mails.

EVERYTHING here is automated.. What a sophisticated life.. i am looving it soo much. There is a key chain for traveling in ANY bus or underground railway and its called Transport Card. Other options too are available like normal cards etc. Opened a bank account and will get my first stipend tomorrow. We had an orientation at SNU yesterday and @ samsung we have a 2 day orientation. Today and Tomorrow. Imagine the sophistication when i tell you that there are about 25 touch screen switches in the bathroom itself πŸ™‚ … Am planning to buy a cam and will do it soon with the help of my mentor. And talking about him, he is such a great person.. Very helpful.. Koreans in general are really helpful.. The best behavior i have ever experienced out on my own in an alien land. The place never sleeps. Really beautiful ppl πŸ™‚ …

My classes start on monday. We are having a pizza party and another EE department orientation on that day. Will take three courses and Korean Language Classes..

Ate Korean Food today.. Its really delicious. It was mainly beef today and its much much different from the beef we get back in india. I was really apprehensive at first but this was PROPERLY cooked and VERY LOW in fat.. πŸ™‚

On the whole. Am havin a BALL!!! πŸ™‚

This is what i can remember right now and i need to give the P.C. to Arseny (my Russian Friend)..

Will get my ALIEN (??!!?? Do i look like one?? ;)….) Registration Card in a month with my cell phone..

Take Care,


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