Korean Simplicity…

Date: Sep 7, 2007 1:54 PM


Yet some more points about the Korean Society…

When you get into a bus, no matter how many ppl are getting in, the driver always bends his head to you and Greets you (Annyong Haseyo…).. Similarly at all stops, to each of the passengers getting down, the driver agains bends his head and greets us with a big (apparently sincere.. i guess it really is ) smile on his face.. It feels soo good when they do it.. he best thing is taht they get the respect in return too.. Every passenger (or almost all of them) greets him too both times.. Its Give and Take Respect no matter what the age group is..

One thing different here is the etiquette at the bus stops.. Many times i have seen queues of more than 50 – 70 ppl at bus stops. A bus came, the ppl started getting in according to their position in the queue. Children. Teens, Youth and Adults all form the queue with no age priority except you are ill or handicapped. This reminded me of the stops in India where there are less frequent buses.. As soon as the bu halts at the stop, its the Strongest person in the Chaos at the door, who enters first.. In Korea, its soo different. yet soo simple..

When someone gives you his business card you are not supposed to immediately keep it in your back pocket and sit. It would be taken as offensive as you are sitting on his card. You are supposed to carefully read it and then till he leaves you are supposed to hold it or keep it on the table in front of you. Assume the person you meet is a Manager in some Company with the name ABC. You dont call him Mr. ABC or ABC Sir… In korea, they give importance to social standing very much. So you call him ABC “PQR” Nim where PQR is the korean word for his position (Manager in this context)..

About placements in SNU. The companies come and display their posters and have a table. The officials sit there whole day. If anyone is interested in that company, just go there, sit on the other side of the table and give the interview. There is no qualifying tests etc.

Went for Korean Classes yesterday.. It was more nostalgic today. In addition to repeating after the teacher AAA BBB etc.. she also was showing us “Apple” with Its korean word written BIG in front and the picture in the back.. We went thru about 150 word slides today .. Dont remember all the words though.. Hopefully will catch hold of vocabulary soon .. πŸ™‚

Korean Subway is much more sophisticated than what it looks like in the map..I realized it today when i went to Seoul Immigration office for registering for the Alien Registration Card. We had to transfer from Green Line to Purple Line (There are many lines, each of them which connects major places).. Green line was on the Basement 1 – floor, which is of course below the ground. To transfer to purple line i was surprised to know that we should further go down to Basement 2. There i saw a vast subway stating, 2 floors below the ground and stood wonder struck at the magnanimity of the station.

You are standing at some place where there is a subway train in a HUGE station in front of you….
There is another layer of subway lines above you with equally HUGE stations…
And there is the regular traffic and normal high density seoul life yet on another layer above it..

Phew.. Is this whats called Engineering ?? πŸ™‚



7 Responses

  1. great descriptions ..

  2. why do i have this feeling …. that difference b/w india and korea is like ..

    dystopia and utopia.

  3. @ Kunal : Thank you very much..
    @ Ankit : I do feel the same about India vs Korea.. The two countries are really really different..

  4. You are portraying the place so beautifully… Anyone would die to live there πŸ˜›

  5. @ Himank : Its a really good place da.. I will post some pics once i manage to buy a cam πŸ™‚ then you can see the place for yourself!! πŸ˜‰

  6. gr8…sir gr8 description…is it compulsory for u to learn korean there?

  7. @ Jairaj : Thank you man.. Do keep reading and post your comments..

    About learning Korean.. In the college its not so necessary, everyone speaks english. But outside its better that you learn Korean. Its like the same in IIIT too na? For a foreigner studying in IIIT, he can manage with English in IIIT but outside we need to know Hindi or Telugu.. Same way..

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