Got a Cell Phone


Finally got a cell phone connection. Took a post paid connection from a Korean CDMA Provider KTF. Actually here the cell phone connection scheme is different from India. Back home we use SIM cards na? But here there are no SIM Cards but we give the phone serial number to the service provider and they associate it with the desired number. Here they use CDMA technology which doesnt have SIM cards. I guess reliance back India uses the same technology.. Not Sure though.. Correct me if ong please..

My number is +82 010 9980 6885 (The last four digits are my date of birth – 6th August 1985)

I got this connection on the cell phone which my mentor gifted me 🙂 He is such a great guy and one of the nicest Koreans i have met here. Really helpful, he made my transition into Korea a lot easier with his help and interaction all the time.. Thanks to you Kim Hakjune…

Thats all for now..

Got a soccer match tomorrow with the lab members of MWNL and the professor.. So got to sleep early..




3 Responses

  1. Cool …. Looks like life in korea rox 😀

  2. @ maruti : Yeah its pretty good 🙂 Atleast am liking it a lot here..

  3. […] the people I meet the most excluding my lab mates at MWNL, whom I meet every weekday. Hak June even gifted me my first mobile phone in Korea. I still have that wonderful piece of technology with me and obviously it is an integral […]

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