Bought my dream camera… Yay!!! :)


Yesterday, I bought the cam which i was planning planning and planning on buying for a long time now… Its a Digital Single Lens Reflex or D-SLR – Nikon D40x. Its a 10.1 Megapixel Camera powered by a CCD Sensor. Have been clicking some pics with that lately.. You can view them in three different albums at

Here is a pic of my cam from various angles…. Click on it for a larger view…

My Camera..

Thanksgiving starts tomorrow.. So all of seoul is gonna be idle.. With some of the co-Russian students here, planning to go to Building 63 which is a famous sky scrapper in Seoul. Its popular for the view it offers at the observatory deck at the 63rd floor (which is the topmost floor and hence its name).. Will take my D40x and and try capturing some night scenes of Seoul. Shall put them up in the picasa web album the dayafter tomorrow.. šŸ™‚

You can find more about building 63 @

You can also find an image of the building itself @

And about the Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration.. I will quote from one of the key organizers Rohidas himself..

<start quotation>

The essence of Ganesh Festival tasted almost 450-500 people on Sunday 16th September. Effect of the taste of this India Indian Cultural Extravaganza was such delicious that not only Indians enjoyed that but Koreans, Nepali’s, Bangaldeshi, Americans, French also experience it along with the people from Morocco, China and various countries.

It was indeed the successful programme which delivered the “zalak” on Indian Touch to such a alien land.

I would like to thank to all devotees, attendees, organizers, to their support.

The result are here,

The Seoul Times article

The CNN-IBN Live (Dynamic Korea)

All the photos and report can be found out on the web page of Ganesh Festival

<end quotation>

Thats it for now guys.. Gotta sleep now.. Past 1 here..

Annyongi Kheyseyo


2 Responses

  1. Hey what was the cost of the camera
    and what abt other tech stuff ?

  2. it costed me around Rs. 24000 here.. About details on tech stuff.. please visit

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