High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photographs (2)


Pictures speak a thousand words.. πŸ™‚ went for trekking today in the Gwanak Mountains which flank Seoul National University with my Russian Friend Sergey.. Our target was to reach a Buddhist Monastery up in the mountains.. Finally we reached at the Monastery and it was B.E.A.UUUUTIFUL… Have uploaded many pics of the adventure πŸ˜€ . Took some more HDR Pictures of SNU and some of them have come out really well.. Judge for yourself.. πŸ™‚

Because word press does not allow you to embed picasa slide shows, please go to the following blogger link to view the slide shows of this post.

Click Here for this Photographic Post

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I had no other way to embed the slide show.

Hope that you find the images worth your trouble..

Have Fun


12 Responses

  1. Awesome photos man.. Seems like you are having the time of your life there…

  2. thanks buddy πŸ™‚ .. Yeah the life is really cool.. Its freezing temperatures in Mid October.. Thats the only thing i have to get used to πŸ™‚ soon… . Hows the sem in iiit ?? hope you too are having fun.. Heard that military games is going on.. Went for the opening ceremony ??

  3. actually, very few lucky once got chance to see it … including me πŸ˜€ ..

    vaise, did u take all these pics frm ur camera ??

  4. oh is it ?? so cool πŸ™‚ man.. i missed it 😦 .. Glad to know that you guys are having lots of fun.. Yeah and these pics.. I took them with my Nikon D40x πŸ™‚ ..

  5. Nice nice looks like u r njoing urself ..good good !! πŸ˜€

  6. thanks da πŸ™‚ am having fun.. am sure that you too would be.. πŸ™‚ IIM na ?? The best college .. Hows the preparation for placements??

  7. They are simply superb!!!Awesome photography….

  8. thanks da πŸ™‚ .. so nuvvu kooda naa blog read cheystunnava ?? πŸ˜‰ enti?? nothin to study ?? πŸ˜›

  9. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  10. can i know where you dont agree with me? I mean in which part of my post ?

  11. thanks for your nice activity,
    may be i need my self blog

  12. @ Gost : Thanks for your comments .. πŸ™‚

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