Winter Creeping In…


These days its getting really really cold out here.. Before starting off to Korea, winter was THE season that I was eagerly anticipating for.. But I don’t think that I still have that much of an adrenaline pump thinking about winter in Seoul.. I will tell you why…

Its just October and I am not able to withstand even the fall, pre-winter temperatures.. 😦 To give you an example, imagine standing out in the “hot” afternoon sun and when you are keen on feeling warm, you are greeted with temperatures below 10 degree Celsius with a chilling breeze kissing your face. Yeah thats true.. At afternoon 1 pm, in the “hot” sun, many times I experienced the temperatures as low as 7 degrees that too in October. At night it goes way below to 2 degrees some days and your only source of warmth is the heater in your room, the lab and the buses. Seniors say that there would be snow fall and the temperatures are gonna go far blow zero to -10 degree peak on some days. Exciting as it sounds. it also brings with it the difficulties of withstanding the chilling Siberian winds that makes the matter even worse for us Indians who have not lived at such hostile conditions. When I walk to our residence everyday, my face, which is the only exposed part of my body, experiences an occasional strong pain due to the chilly as if it is just stung by a million needles simultaneously. I’ll quote the AVERAGE max-min temperatures in degree Celsius from November to March, below..

November 10 to (-1)

December 3 to (-7)

January 1 to (-9)

February 4 to (-7)

March 9 to (-2)

Remember that the temperature on the left side of the “to” is the temperature in the afternoon sun.. Hope that you get a picture of the climate here.. In effect, all the winter clothes that i had bought from India for the winter are futile.. Will buy winter wear soon..

To be honest, though I am dreading the subzero temperatures, with snow all around, I am also really looking forward to the Lab Skiing we have planned around the 20th of December. Every year we have two lab trips, one in summer and another one in winter, called “Membership Training”. This year, for the winter trip, we are planning to go to a Ski Resort for 3 days for learning Skiing. First time in my life am gonna ski 🙂 .. There will be a ski teacher and we would be skiing all day long..

Off to a class now..



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