First Snow…. :)


It started snowing heavily quite unexpectedly. I was in my lab doing my work and my next cubicle friend told me “Hey Kiran.. You know what ? It started snowing out there man!” .. Thats the thing with being in the lab 🙂 .. You know .. In there you are always at a comfy 27 degree celcius quite oblivious to the climate outside.. Apparently he had got that message from him friend thru the messenger. Look at this situation.. Is strange how technology has blinded us.. We need to use internet to know that its snowing right outside your door.. 🙂

Newyas .. all excited.. I stopped working and ran outside to see the first snow of my life.. 🙂 It was beautiful.. I was like a mad man neither wearing gloves nor a thick coat among the other people in the street well equipped to fight the snow.. I felt like a kid and stretched my hands trying to catch the snow flakes and kept walking though I was getting slowly frozen from hands and legs.. 🙂 The view of snowfall on the path of light from a powerful streetlight is beautiful .. It looks as if 1000s of white feathers falling from the sky illuminated by the light.. 🙂

All the cars along the streets were having a white coating all over.. Before now, I had seen all such images in TV or Internet. The mood was beautiful .. Without making a sound, the nature was slowly covering us with a beautiful and soft white blanket .. 🙂

I came to my room, took my camera out and took couple of pictures. They are not good due to the absence of any nearbylight source in the view from my balcony.. Nevertheless clicked some pics.. Here they are ..


All the walking in the snow took a li’l toll on me when i came back to the warmth of my room .. As my room is floor heated, it gets really warm everywhere quick. My hands started behaving strange.. I felt as if a million needles were poking from inside.. I could actually feel the warmth of the blood flowing inside my veins.. I could see where it was traveling to.. I could feel it so nice.. 🙂

I just wanted to remember my FIRST snowing experience with all its beauty as it is .. Hence this post.. I am quite sure that i was not able to describe the scene in its beauty nor able to capture it with my camera.. Probably in the near future, I could be able to take better pictures..




5 Responses

  1. Your e-mail immediately reminded me of my first experience!

    Have you ever felt as if you were standing in the galaxy with all the stars about to hit you?
    Have you ever felt the joy of experiencing an unfelt sensation? Have you ever felt all your senses go numb?
    Have you ever experienced a moment that takes your breath away?
    Have you ever experienced your first snow fall?

    Today for the first time in life I saw snow . I really don’t like the fact that it becomes dark soon and that you have to wear lot of clothing before going anywhere. But the first experience was amazing. Initially I was standing at the window sill and staring at the snow fall. Trying to reach friends and share my child-like joy that I am experiencing right now. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to experience it. I went down in my pyjamas and t-shirt. It is really an amazing experience, the snow flakes hitting your face, the cold wind making all your senses numb, just experiencing that joy when everyone around you just walks around draped in their winter coat, winter cap and accusing yet another snow fall. But I’ll always remember this day as the first time I experienced cold, a first sensation, a thrilling experiences, all my parts go numb for sometime and then the joy I am sharing with you guys!

  2. its such a beautiful memory.. 🙂

  3. I have been in snow but never actually seen a snowfall.The pics are awesome.Things like this are my only motivation to go for a masters abroad.Keep blogging!

  4. glad to hear that .. 🙂 its an awesome experience doing MS abroad.. The change of place itself will get you on a high to perform better.. I hope that you will be able to achieve your dream..

  5. Great description.It’s amazing very close to imagination,of course nice pics.

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