My First “Modeling” Experience (^o^)


Couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to do a small scale modeling. You know, nothing professional nor serious, but just like that, when we had gone on a tour with an organization called International Student Fellowship (ISF). We had visited Namiseom, a beautiful.. Wait… did I say beautiful?? No no. that doesn’t do justice to that place… I mean B.E.A.UUUTIFUL (As Jim Carey would say – Bruce Almighty) and really really chilly as well. The professional photographer Mr. Kangchan Lee (who had came along with us ) had an idea that ended up with me and another girl (who was a part of the same group) pair up and take couple of “modeling” shots 😉 .. This was the closest to the real life modeling i guess i would ever get.. and hence this post with an intent of commemoration..

There is nothing much to explain but if you are interested (god save your senses !! lol! ^^) you may visit the following links to see three pics.. These pics were taken by another friend of mine using a regular camera and are not the actual outputs from the professional photographers camera.

In other news!! My life is going pretty hectic now with the Korean learning class taking most of my time, but i must admit its lots of fun to be there learning A.B.C.s of a new language instpite of being so called “engineers”.. Feels like we are all back in the good ol’ days… To do justice to my lab work and to compensate, I am having to struggle pretty much during the weekdays.. But its fun even then and much more on weekends when its indeed party time.. ^^ Last weekend, I went to a park called SeonYuDo along the magnificent Han River and also had a party with m Korean Classmates where we went partying with food and drinks.. Have posted the photos in my online gallery @ .. Check them out too when you get time.. 🙂

Adios Amigo,



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