Oh My Dear, I Miss You!!

This is my first attempt at serious poetry.. I had written this some time ago.. Not boring you with lengthy forewards, here it is..  No dedications whatsoever and your comments are appreciated.

Oh my dear, I miss you.

You came to my life, out of the blue,
and left me without a clue
about how much i’ll miss you
and believe me its true.

May it be a minute or an hour
It makes my life little lour,
Without you around me,
My soul whimpers, get to thee.

Oh my dear, I miss you!

Little did i know when
I was with you then,
that I would miss you so much,
when you go away, leaving me in a hutch.

Come back soon to me, oh dear
I miss the times we had, when near,
Oh! what a happy place it was,
And, you were the root of that joyous cause.

Oh my dear, I miss you!

Come back to me, my dearest,
Miss you a lot, Oh! sweetheart,
Fly above the obstacles between us,
To hold my hand and to be together
Renew all the memories, precious,
Come to me, my heart’s desire!

Oh my dear, I miss you!

Oh my dear, I miss you!

Oh my dear….


27 Responses

  1. Hi Kiran: Very gud poetry really great

  2. Reminds me of Bob Dylan

  3. a very good attempt I would say :), but you don’t need to use rhyming words for poetry… I feel you are losing on some good expression within you coz of your trial to use rhyme.

  4. @ Sai : Thanks a lot buddy!!

    @ Arun : An Honor as always.. coming from you 🙂

    @ Saaketh : Thank you pal.. And thanks for your suggestion.. Since this was my first attempt at poetry, as a newbie i used rhyming words.. Next time, I will definitely try otherwise.. 🙂

  5. well seems like IT IS DEDICATED to someone…. : )

  6. @ Vipin Chettan : No No.. Its not .. trust me .. Just a thought in my mind.. 🙂

  7. really cool.. keep writing…

  8. hi dear, i’m just lost of words!! been with u all my life, know u more than than anyone do, but never in my wildest dreams i had a feelin that u are quite a good poet as well…u call me a master not a jack of all trades but UU!!! u are master of all mastrs brother!! indeed i used be proud of my poems THEN, but look at urs…wow and u even didn’t let us know u are trying ur hand at even this, did even a thought occur to that at least in the field of arts u could just let me beat u ??!!??!! hmmm :(. a nerd, a gitarist, quite a singer, hmm a bad dancer 😉 and now a poet…where else u wanna try ur hands on eh?!?

  9. awesome 🙂 ..dint know that u r such a gud poet

  10. Hey good start…Well u may tell us abt ur “Missing dear” 🙂 in ur next post…..

  11. @ Anoop : Hey bro.. 🙂 Thank you ..

  12. @ Lakshmi : Hey da.. Thanks a lot for your comment.. 🙂 Nee ennekaalum nannayi cook cheyyille ? 😛 hehe .. See you soon sweetheart..

  13. @ Harshi : Thank you Ms. cuteharshi.iiith 🙂

    @ Sussu : Hmm that someone.. I will reveal in the near future.. hold on to your seat belts.. 🙂

  14. Does it mean anything to you?

  15. @ Any : Nope .. Not really .. By the way why did YOU, From Florida, write the comment anonymously 🙂 … ??

  16. hii kiran… nice poem… gud for first attempt 🙂 …

  17. @ Savithri : Hello!! What a surprise .. Thaan ithokke vayikkarundo ?? 😛 Thanks a lot for the encouraging remarks ..

  18. decent for first attempt. Though, ain’t a poet but would ‘ve done without rhyming words. Guess some ‘dedication’ would ‘ve made it good, and am not at all harsh in commenting.

  19. The poem is wonderful!
    don’t stop at this…….
    Go on!!

  20. @ Abhishek : Hehe .. Thanks for the criticisms.. Dedication.. Hmm.. Will try for one next time..

    @ Anoop : Thanks a lot da.. 🙂

  21. Good one! Nice!

  22. @ Swetha : Thank you thank you .. Lazybones comments too ?? hehe 🙂

  23. Of course Lazybones does, only that she is a tad late due to her laziness 😉

  24. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Surmise!

  25. @ Surmise: I get what you mean.. Since there were no dedications i guess it might have misled you 🙂 .. Its just another one of those romantic poems..

    And thanks for your comment.. Keep on reading..


  26. its really nice chetta

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