Google and Our Daily Life

Update (16th July 2008 ): The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything (Thanks Wooster)

Technology had definitely redefined our lives. And in my personal opinion (no I am not an employee of Google), Google is one of the best things that could happen to you. From aiding you with lightning fast search, Google also lets you browse through the skies (Google Earth’s Sky Feature), get a birds eye view of any part of the globe right from your home (Google earth). There is a plethora of useful inventions from Google and you can find a comprehensive list over here.

This post is to list some of the features of our dear ol’ Google Search that you might or might not know. Just click on the links below to see the results. No explanations needed. 🙂 The words following the colon are the search terms in google search. You can replace them with your choices.

Hope this post helps you make your life a li’l bit easier 🙂



(References :,


6 Responses

  1. is also a life saver. YOu can research anything you want and see which verses pertain to what you want to know.

  2. Try typing in “the answer to life the universe and everything” in the search bar. Or click here :

    Pleasant surprise.

  3. Yes Kiran, I am really agree with your last post about Google. Yes it is a wonder of the world, which gives millionsof useful information to the world in a second.

    I am also blessed by Google, actually by one of the product of Goolde, that is, by Blogger.

    Yes my blog journey was started by blogger. I have one blog in Blogger and with same contains another blog in wordpress that is

    Last but not least, do not forget to visit atleast

    and yes Keep posting on the blog.

  4. @ Andrea: It would be great if you could keep religious stuff out of my blog!! Thanks in advance..

  5. @ Arun : Pretty interesting .. Thanks for the link .. Am sure my readers will like it ..

    Those interested can check out,_the_Universe,_and_Everything

  6. @ Saurabh: You’ve got a pretty good blog going on.. I read some stories.. Keep visiting ..

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