What Samsung Employees Do in their “Break Time”!

Absolutely no words necessary.. The videos below would explain everything. And trust me, the participants are not professional artists. They are the regular engineering and management guys (yes including the ones in coats and suites) who just likes to have some fun. I wish i could join it next year when I become a regular employee here. It seems like a lot of fun.. See and you will know why…

Li’l more info:

How? The employees take one month break for the preparation for this event. Daily practice morning to night.

Venue? A Holiday Resort

Budget? Some Million of Dollars.

When? July-August every year

Why? To promote unity and to welcome freshmen (How much more can a fresh entrant expect as a welcome party?)

The audio is in Korean.. Just enjoy the Visual feast ..:)

Would appreciate your comments on this one.. What say ??



8 Responses

  1. Generally when you go ga-ga over korea or samsung .. i am a bit sceptic .. but this own just got me clean bowled !!

    Amazing ! .. Are all these guys regular employees in samsung ๐Ÿ˜ฎ .. who do this JUST to welcome freshers ?? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  2. @ Halley : Trust me, they are ALL (as far as i have been told.. am not sure if there are one or two professionals here and there scattered.. but highly unlikely) regular MBA and Btech, M.S. students like you and me ..

    Every year most of the freshers join Samsung in February and in May-June they are taken to a holiday resort for intensive practice. Morning till Night. That’s reflected on the performance.

    How i am sure? As i am doing my internship right now, I met a fellow engineer who sits in front of me and he told me he had done similar things when he was a fresher (3 years ago).

    The purpose: This makes the participants (future Samsung employees) feel excited and attached to one another and to the company as a whole.

    And yes.. I thought many ppl back home would be skeptical about what i write in my blog, but i am equally surprised (if not more) than you are since i am seeing them with my own eyes.. how different things are ….

  3. This is what Samsung employees do in their free time. Devise ways to evade tax!


  4. @ Zoro: Dude first of all be a man to reveal your name.. Second.. A company is NOT DEFINED by one man in these times.. There are sincere and insincere ppl everywhere.. Hence I dont think i need to reply more for your comments

  5. I am glad that you didn’t delete my comment. If you actually thought I meant that to apply to all Samsung employess, you need to grow up. There is something in this world known as sarcastic humor.

  6. @ Zoro: About being a grown up.. You should do a self check.. You didn’t even put your name in the comment..

    Something becomes humorous (sarcastic or otherwise) when someone apart from the person who speaks it, understands it.. And in reality I did not understand it and i am sure the same would apply to all of us whose command on the language, is not as “strong” as yours, as obviously seen from your brilliant usages of “sarcasms”… I beg to differ but it has got NOTHING to do with being grown up..

  7. You know what? If someone would have left a comment on my blog I would have just replied – ‘haha. that too! bloody buggers’

    The fact that you’re taking it personally implies that you didn’t quite get the sardonic element in the comment. And I don’t think using aliases over the internet is anything purile. So there!

  8. @Zoro: May be that’s just you ..

    And yes i did not get the sardonic element.. Using aliases is one thing, but being completely anonymous (not even an email address or your blog address) is another which i believe is puerile or immature. Its always a good etiquette to let others know who you are or give a link to your blog at least..

    Anyways chill… ๐Ÿ™‚

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