Obeying the Rules ??

A picture is worth a thousand words. I was just browsing through my photographs yesterday, when I came across the one shown below. It was taken near Seon Yu Do Park, Han Riverside, Seoul. You can know why it is a little interesting, if you observe that in spite of the traffic pattern, which is really heavy with  line sof cars going as back as your eyes can see, on each of the lanes, there still is another lane to the leftmost side which is absolutely emtpy. Obviously intrigued, I asked my friend why it was so. His reply was that, the l eftmost lane was for emergency purposes only. It is meant for granting fast access to police and ambulances when there is an emergency situation and hence people leave it empty even if it means that they have to wait for a lot more time driving in the busy lanes. Moreover, this scene was not  a rare one around here it seems. HIs words literally took me off guard and caught me thinking..

If you know what I mean, I hope you would be impressed as well. If you have no idea of what i am talking about, then i guess you are better off not knowing it.




10 Responses

  1. They should do something like this in India !

  2. hahah good observation Kate …

    India main tho every ghalli gets jammed because everyone is trying to get everywhere in every possible way 😉

    well noticed !!

  3. it can only happen in america, they have the roads to spare, think of it, in india people drive even on footpaths. huh! dont know who should be blamed for this? govt. or public? may be both.

  4. Fantastic!!! Waiting for India to become like that 🙂

  5. There is nothing specific like this in US, but whenever the fire engine or ambulance everyone on both sides of the road freeze so that the fire engine/ambulance can pass by. I liked that policy too!

    I heard that in Kolkatta people are pretty good and they respect the ambulance/fire engines that pass by!

  6. @ Dinesh Babu: I totally agree.. I would love to see the day the traffic in india was like this.. Just think.. how many unfortunate deaths can be avoided!

  7. @ Baba: Thanks .. I was really shocked when he told that they wait instead of breaking the rules.. wow!

  8. @ Lavanya: Thanks ghost.. you can add one more member in the waiting list.. me ..

  9. @ Mickey: America.. I dont know.. but from swetha’s comment i guess we have to speak of which part in america.. Since Korea is small, I guess you can generalize this to the whole of Korea and i have seen similar behaviors in places far from Seoul as well..

  10. @ Swetha: Thanks for the input.. Just curious.. how can the emergency vehicle pass by where there is no road to go on? I mean .. I assume it would at least as busy as Seoul.. 🙂

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