Acquiring a Korean Driver’s License

The day before yesterday I received my Korean Driver’s License Class Two. It means that I can drive cars and bikes and almost any vehicle except those the bus and truck types..

This post is meant to be a guideline for an Indian in Korea who wants to get a Drivers License. Since India has an agreement with Korea, the whole process of getting a Korean Drivers License (valid for 10 years) is really simple and would take not more than 3-4 hours including the transportation involved..

  1. Preparation: You would need to take your Passport, Alien Registration Card, Original Indian Drivers License and three Passport Size Photographs.
  2. Take two photostat copies of the Indian license and one each of your passport (first and last pages) and your alien registration card.
  3. Go to Indian Embassy, Seoul located in Hannam. This station is Located in Line 1 just above the Han river (positioned near the central region of the subway map)
    • Better plan this visit so that you reach the embassy any weekday before 12:30 pm.
    • Exit from Hannam Station, take a taxi and ask them to take you to Indian Embassy (인도 대서관, Indo Dae Seo Kwan in Korean).
  4. After getting a from from the embassy, Submit KRW 16,000 to the account specified, at the Korea Exchange Bank located down the road.
  5. Get one copy of your license attested from the Embassy.
  6. Go to the nearest Drivers License Agency (운전면허시험장, Un Cheon Myeong Heo Si Heom Chang in Korean)
    • If you are a SNU student, the nearest one is at a walking distance from Samseong Station, Exit 1.
    • If you are not, here is a complete list of locations in Seoul.
      Gangnam Driver’s Licence Test Site Subway Line 2. Samseong Station(Exit. 1)
      Seobu (west) Driver’s Licence Test Site Subway Line 2. Hongik Univ. Station(Exit. 2)
      – Green Bus 7016
      Gangso Driver’s Licence Test Site Subway Line 5. Songjeong Station(Exit. 4)
      – Green Bus 6647
      Dobong Driver’s Licence Test Site Subway Line 4. Nowon Station(Exit. 9)
  7. If you are going to the Driver License office in Gangnam, go to the second floor of the office and submit and application.
  8. You need to get an application filled from there and then go down to test your Eye (takes about 60 seconds literally) and then get a seal stamped on your application. You have to pay KRW 11, 000 (6, 000 for the license and 5,000 for the Eye test)  in this process.
  9. Go back to the second floor, submit the test reports, wait for 10 minutes.
  10. Voila!! You’ve got your new license with 10 years validity.

Note: You have to surrender your Indian License when you get your Korean License. But you can get it back when you go to India the next time by showing your Air Ticket, Passport and the Korean License (which need NOT be surrendered) . From that time forth you can have both the licenses with you.

For more details :

Enjoy driving in Korea!!!


10 Responses

  1. This is nice instructions. Thanks even though i’m not an Indian but I think it’s same for all foreigners in Korea.

  2. Thank you 마리씨 … ^^

  3. This was a very good information. But i visited the Indian embassy and they didnt attested my license as it was slightly worn out and my sign was not visible. So now i have to do all the process from beginning like a normal korean getting license. Do you have any idea if i need to go through all the tests or some could be skipped.


    • Indian embassy was pretty tough on me too. They said outrightly that my license was fake. I was so shocked and later they realized their mistake. I think that you better talk to them again because getting a Korean license from scratch is pretty hard and expensive..

  4. I went today to the embassy & had a tough time.

    My license was issued in New Delhi in 2001, but they were adamant that it was not original. There theory was that you should have a national emblem on the license. But in 2001 there was just a license without emblem. After a long argument, they said that they will issue a certificate but if driving authority rejects it, we cannot do anything. So I said ok.
    Also, they have asked me to come on 2nd of march, 4 days from now to get the certificate. They said that there is a lot of backlog. so my desire to get a license before the weekend is shattered.

    The collecting time is 4-5pm in the evening, so I cannot go to the license department same day. Too much of time waste.

    Its unbelievable that a license issues by Govt. Of India is under suspicion by another govt authority.

    I hope we indians develop trust with each other someday so that the inconvenience does not occur.

    • @ Anurag: True.. I think they are just trying to show of the “power”.. Why would people working in reputed companies in Korea/studying in reputed universities in Korea lie about their license?

      • yeah, about that, he asked me where I work & where I studied..I work in LG. Then he said that we trust you.

        So probably they dont trust their own transport office 😀

        I hope no questions are raised by Korean authorities on my license

      • I don’t think so .. The process at the Korean authorities couldn’t be any smoother.. Just go, show them that you are fit to “sit” and you are done..

  5. I was just wondering, can we drive in india with a korean driving license ? Or we need to go through the whole process again.

    • I think that you might be able to convert it in india.. Since you are an indian, I am not sure if it is 100% possible, but for a Korean with a korean driver’s license, he can surely convert it to an indian license.

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