40 F.R.E.E. Sites to watch F.R.E.E. Movies..


All of us like free stuff, don’t we?? So here is a list of movie-havens where all the movie freaks out there can have unlimited access to free movies. And most of them work at all times.. So, if you have a broadband internet (with unlimited data plan), some free time, a glass of coke and some pop-corn, why dont you check these out and turn your own bedroom into your own boxoffice ???

Disclaimer: The following information has been shamelessly copied from here . Yours truly does not claim any originality and the information you are going to see are just presented as-is with a sole intend of “FYI”. You can access these websites at your own risk and any legal issue or harm to your computer cannot be held responsible on me.

1. Quick Silver Screen – 11,854 videos online. They are known for having the rare, hard to find episodes. Free and no registration required.
2. Hulu – This site is growing at a rapid pace. I’m a big Hulu fan. High quality and depth. It is free. Update: Hulu does not require registration. Just click and watch.

3. Alluc – Another large categorized collection of movies & tv shows. It’s free and no registration required. They don’t host the videos, but they have a collection of links, which includes videos from other sources.
4. WizMovies – Watch and download movies. This site currently only works with Firefox and they’ve had a few problems recently. It’s free and requires no registration.

5. Openflv – The videos are high quality, but I didn’t have much success with Openflv. The library is also very small. It’s free and no registration required.

6. Joox – This site streams videos of all genres. The video quality & success rate is very good. It’s free and registration is not required.

7. Nabolister – You can search 100’s of websites for videos with Nabolister and they have a nice video rating system. It’s free and no registration required.

8. Joost – Requires a free registration and if you have Firefox, it will also require you install the joost plugin. They have over 40K tv shows, movies and music videos in their library.
9. Channelchooser – This site allows you to watch live tv online. No download or registration required. I watched a bit of the Horror TV channel.
10. Freetube – Similiar to Channelchooser, Freetube provides free live online tv. No download or registration required. I found a Youtube TV Channel, which I didn’t know existed.

11. OVGuide – OVGuide finds and organizes over 1600 online sites. They have links to several of the sites I already mentioned. They also have user ratings and comments enabled for the videos.

12. Project – Free TV – Thanks to Teb, from In This Economy, for recommending this site. It is free and doesn’t require registration. I was able to locate and watch The Wire, which is my favorite show of all-time. The site seems to primarily link to MegaVideo.

Update on November 6th: For the full list, please click here to go to the original source http://www.eazycheezy.net/2008/09/watch-tv-and-movies-online.html (Post Modified as per the original author’s request)

Have entertained weekends.. 🙂


Added on 2nd November 2008: Extra Websites: http://www.freeonlinedocumentary.com/ (Thanks to Ric for his comment)


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  1. […] Joost – Requires a free registration and if you have Firefox , it will also require you install the joost plugin. 40 F.R.E.E. Sites to watch F.R.E.E. Movies.. « Seoul thru my Eyes […]

  2. […] free live online tv. No download or registration required…. Read the original here: 40 F.R.E.E. Sites to watch F.R.E.E. Movies.. ype=pc”>Free PC games […]

  3. Weren’t a lil overfree? 😀 .. This stuff is really gonna help us after about an year when we will be devoid of our dearest DC++!

  4. @ Deepti : You bet … !! 😉

  5. […] 10. Freetube – Similiar to Channelchooser, Freetube provides free live online tv. … More: 40 FREE Sites to watch FREE Movies.. ype=pc”>Play fun puzzle […]

  6. A cool list, although you could have added my site if you wanted to make to truly complete 🙂


  7. @ Ric : Done.. ^^ Thanks for the link …

  8. Hi Kiran,

    While I do appreciate you displaying the original link, could you please just display a portion of the sites rather than the entire 4 post entries, i.e. maybe like 10 sites or part 1 and then post the continuation link?

    Finding and posting the entire 4-part series of the sites took quite a bit of time and effort. I try to do the same with articles I find by posting just an excerpt along with a clickable link where the reader can view the remainder of the original article. Doing so still adds value to the site, but also gives the originator credit.


  9. Good list, Freetube was exceptional.

  10. nice site thanks for the link

  11. thanks for adding my site to your list

  12. Thanks, keep up your great post !

  13. Уж тоже спасибо скажу!

  14. lot of good sites, have to check them out

  15. So you’ve not only copied and pasted all of my work while failing to remove some of the listings at my request, but you have also started to add additional content to it without even a clickable link to the original site. This is not cool at all.


  16. Thanks Kiran. Sorry about the post above. When I didn’t get a response I got a little frustrated and saw you were posting additional blog content, I thought you were just ignoring and moving on.

    Take Care,

  17. Wha… very a lot of cool sites… I’ll try them for sure..
    Thanks for the info

  18. Nabolister is down, try this free movie site

  19. there is also this site that has aggregated over 1300 sites

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