Why on earth do they do this?

Merry Christmas to you .. πŸ™‚ It has become chilly these days in Seoul.. The winter has come but not with much snow when compared to last year’s…

Went Skiing to the largest ski resort in Korea.. Was pretty much incident-less but for a small muscle sprain on my knee. Nothing serious πŸ™‚ .. Visiting an acupuncture clinic these days..

Spent my christmas with my favorite person.. We met over dinner and a coffee from Starbucks… Was quite fun.. I was given “BVLGARI Pour Homme Travel Trio” as my Christmas gift (For the unawares, BULGARI a.k.a. BVLGARI is an Italian jeweler and luxury goods retailer, founded way back in 1884)..

Anyhoo.. Coming to the post.. While i was coming back from the hospital today, I decided to buy some snacks and fruits. I went to the street seller and asked me to give me the snacks worth $2. I should have actually got 6 of them, but he gave me 7 with a smile.. After that, I went to a fruit store to buy apples. The apples were pretty big and costed $1 per apple. I asked the good lady there to give me apples for $10. She asked her husband to help get the apples and they gave me 11 of them with the 11th one costing not an additional $1 but nothing more than a smile and a thank you..

This is not the fist time I am experiencing such noble actions. While I agree that NOT everyone here in Korea do that, I have met with this kind of generosity very frequently. There is no relation between me and the seller and all that he needed to have given me was what I had paid for.. These instances really make your introspect…

There have also been instances where I was crossing the road and was waiting for the next car to pass me before I cross the road. The car which was coming pretty quick (which is the case with the vehicles here, where the average speed is quite high), saw me wanting to cross (but waiting for him to pass), stopped the car, let me cross and only then continued his journey…

There was also an incident right here, where the restaurant lady gave us an extra portion of food (worth about $4) for free, asking us like our own grand mom, “Eat more my dear children and stay healthy“… She gave away the food for free with a smile..

I am sure that some of my readers would find these actions/this post silly, but I for one really respect such an attitude that and I wish more and more people would be like them…

Good Day…


5 Responses

  1. When it gets down to the level of “self”, yes, we have a lot to learn from rest of the world. I think you have all the good company of Koreans to make you feel home πŸ™‚

  2. People in villages are like that. Good to see that such goodness prevails in some of the big cities, too.

  3. Nice read man!!! I wonder why you think that people will find it silly.

  4. @ Gopal: You are right .. I am just glad I am here.. πŸ™‚

    @ Aniket : I totally agree.. In villages, you can find such actions.. But i fear that the modernization is taking it all away..

    @ Kulbir: I wrote that because I find a few of my readers to be always pessimistic.. Constantly…

  5. Man, seems you are having a good time, made me remember my days when i was in my village.So dude what are the plans for 31st night ? & hey who is the special lady ?

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