Yours Forever…

Yours Forever

Kiran T. Nath – 20090113 0328

With simplicity as your name
‘n pure beauty as your fame,
gently, you came into my life,
where joys n’ delights, became rife.

Always have been dreaming,
thoughts had left me beaming
of meeting a girl like you,
‘n the new year made it true.

the day my life took a new turn,
and you became my magic urn.

My life euphoric ‘n days brighter,
felicity, I was only to uncover,
owe it all to you, my princess,
charmingly cute nature’s adeptness.

Owning a very pretty outside,
an even more delightful inside,
entered deep right into my heart,
smooth but firm, you gentle dart.

Words can’t reveal the exhilarating bliss,
that I feel with the morning wind’ kiss
knowing, someone like you is beside me,
Elysian thoughts fill in ‘n worries flee.

Dear, I hope we stay always together,
looking after ‘n caring for each other,
sharing joys, sorrows with no tether,
I pray to thee, with a love lasting forever.


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  1. Beauty of Love feeling- Its complements life’s happiness……….

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