Best of K-Pop (Korean Pop)

Thanks to a recent popular Korean drama called “Smile, You” I came across the following track and it instantly became my favorite Korean track till date.  This is a song by Melo’ Breeze (멜로 브리즈) and is very apt for the drama, which reveals a story about two families who used to live at the opposite ends of the world, forced to come together by fate.  It details how the super rich family tries to make it, after going bankrupt, living in their former chauffeur’s (who is a grandpa) house following his rules. Check out the song below.

Just for the listening pleasure, the next song is Vis-à-vis, by the same band.

Good Day.


2 Responses

  1. I can see why the likes of Pritam Chakaraborthy look up to Korean bands for ‘inspiration’.


    And good 2 see u back in blogosphere after a brief hiatus…

  2. @ Anoop: Yeah .. it has been long! 🙂 And I recently read that there are at least two movies: Ugly aur Pagli (with a few scenes directly copied from the original movie as it is) and Zinda, which are plagiarized. The priginal produces thought of suing the Indian film makers but decided against it (don’t know why!)

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