These Little Things That Matter…

You know.. Sometimes these little things leave a big impression in your mind.. It could even change your outlook about something.. Something like that happened today when I was coming back home from work..

It was about 9:30 pm and eager to get home, I was riding my bicycle at not slow speed through the main road.. The pedestrian light was green and as normal, I made a swift turn to cross the road.. There was a taxi coming from behind and I assume that it would stop and unfortunately it did not.. Avoiding a collision, I exclaimed to the driver “Cant you see the red light?”.. He moved on and I crossed the road.. I saw him stopping a few meters in front of me and lowered the window on the side I was coming from behind..

Predisposed to the sureness that he was about to shout back at me, I prepared my mind for a small verbal battle, as it would have been the case as per my experience back home.. When he stopped in the middle of the road waiting for me to come parallel to him, I got ready with another phrase “Why dont you watch where you are going atleast when the light is red?”.. When the glass was lowered, I saw that the driver was a 50 something man and he gently bowed to me with his palm up, signalling he was sorry for what happened before.. I was touched.. This was NOT what I had expected.. Actually this was the opposite of what I had expected..

Shame on me for the predisposition.. Must do better the next time..


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