Twilight @ Suwon Fortress

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Music Transcends Cultures: Asia Song Festival 2008

I am writing this post with my heart still ringing to the beats of the 5th Asia Song Festival which was held at the World Cup Stadium, Seoul on 4th October 2008 1800 – 2200 Hours. For the uninformed, Asia Song Festival, is the biggest Asia Level concert with all the greatest singers and bands from all over Asia comes under one umbrella. This aims at providing the spectators with a magnificent fusion of light effects and music. The performers are recepients of the Best Asian Artist Award in the recent years. The audience this year was about 50 000 with participation seen from a variety of societal standings ranging form middle school students to certain ministers of Korea. The special guest list also included the most popular fashion designer in Korea. Along with these big people (who sat in VIP seats right next to the stage) even foreigners (non residents) who were in Korea were each allowed a VIP pass themselves.

This was the first time I was attending a concert of such a huge scale.. The performers this year came from the following countries: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia. They provided 4 full hours of wonderful entertainment to the audience. The theme this year was “Asia is One” and I guess the organizers and the artists tried to convey it in its complete sense. For me, this was a wonderful chance to meet the most famous singers from various countries across Asia and the taste their music in person.

Here are some snaps to know what I am talking about … Apologies for the quality, since I dont have a sufficiently powerful lens.. yet..

After the concert.. One thing left me thinking .. Music does transcend regions and cultures…

PS1: The concert was “FREE for all” for the entire 50 000 in the audience. Roughly 4000 people flew from around the world to take part in the concert (There were many westerners as well) . Even the VIP seats (where one could sit near the ministers, and VIPs were given out for free to foreigners and some Koreans). I could not help but wonder about the generosity of the sponsors who would have had to pay all the artists, stage and other huge expenses involved.

PS2: And yeah.. There were absolutely NO metal detectors or Frisks anywhere on my way to my seat, 4th row from the front… Man the Koreans do trust everyone as much as they trust their own country men.. I am constantly impressed by how much they emphasize on mutual trust and respect. I am sure that something like this wont be safe to be implemented in similar situations, at countless other places in this same world… One main reason I love this country and countrymen..

PS3: There were no misbehaviors from anyone in the crowd, except two guys who tried to create my-country-your-country feelings with certain levels of misbehaviors, which was against the “Asia is ONE (country)” motto of the ASF 2008, and were immediately suppressed.

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Long Time No See .. 🙂

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Han River

Han River Two


Pink Blossom

Han River Three

Yellow Green

River Taxi @ Han

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Photographs – Visit to Cheon-An


As i had written in my post on the visit to Cheon-An, i have uploaded the pictures in my online web gallery. Check it out if you like to see some nature photography as well.

Here is the Link –

Also, the week after the Choen-An trip, I also happened to go for the SNU International Students Association Membership Training (Its a visit organized by a club or and association for its members and is like a relax-from-the-acads-tour for 2-3 days) to Yeoju. It was fun. Will write on it soon. In the meantime, you can check them out in the following link as well –

In the last link, along with the MT pictures, you can also see some Korean Farmlands. Man was i surprised to see such beautiful fields here? I thought each and every part would be as modernized as possible, instead, what i saw reminded me of my hometown and the view around my house.. For the uninformed, I live in the pretty countryside of Kerala, away from all the hustles and bustles..

I miss my home-sweet-home.. 😦 😦 😦

The one on what’s going on lately!!

Long time no see.. 🙂 Currently, my state is “lot to do with so less time” ..  Now dont get misguided thinking “oh this guy is so busy with acads” .. who said acads only?? I dont remember me saying so.. did i ?? 😉 So you know.. Actually there are so many things to write individual posts..

What have i been upto lately.. Well ..

Since the last post on March 24th (phew it has been one month already), I continued the “tradition” of experiencing lots of things for the first time in my life.. Lemme brief them and others in no particular order..

  1. Started working as a part of a team in my lab.. Since i cannot reveal much details, I can say that it deals with the next generation mobile phones with intelligent inter working capability across various networks – WLAN, CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth .. Basically, one-device-multiple-connectivity.
  2. Experienced Spring in Korea.. Did i say Spring ?? Well, for us indians, since 4 weathers are absent in most parts of the country, i must say that the experience was wonderful. The government did the right thing in organizing many free festivals and concerts just for the spring. I had an opportunity to go for one of them and had fun.
  3. Seoul national university turned white again (first time since snow, but this time due to the beautiful white flowers interleaved with red, yellow and other colored flowers. I am sure that for someone seeing the uni from far up in the sky, it would look like a picturesque floral decoration (pookkalam – for keralites)
  4. Pics of 2 and 3 posted online .. Check them out here..
  5. A preview of what you are gonna see there is shown below
  6. Saw baseball for the first time in my life.. In a stadium that too.. It should be debated what attracted me the most.. The baseball game of the beautiful cheerleaders who perform in between.. In the continuous mode of my camera, I took literally 100 photographs in 40 seconds.. The aim was to capture the cute dance they were performing.. Will post it soon after processing into a flash file or something like that.
  7. Attended a party with the Korean Language class mates at Gangnam.. It involved dinner, norebang, and tasted fruit soju for the first time. It tastes really good like a cocktail. Any one in korea and not tried this, i recommend yo to try it. Any one elsewhere, wanting to try it, lemme know.. I will try to get it to India next time i come home. This summer most probably. 🙂
  8. Met someone after a while which was caused due to our acads .. Little did we know.. Had many pleasant surprises in store for either of us.. more details later.. (this is a public blog right.. 😉 )
  9. Started something that I have been wanting to do for a long time. More about this too, later.. 🙂
  10. Attended a birthday party of a friend organized by International Student Association @ SNU. I came to know about a Korean Custom of “Birthday Drink” where the friends can put anything.. ANYTHING into a glass of beer and the “lucky” birthday guy/gal HAS to drink it bottoms up..
  11. Ate Kerala food after a loong time.. oh god.. I did eat a lot.. i mean A LOT… It was so delicious. The occasion was Vishu (A festival in Kerala). My immense gratitude to Suraj Ettan and Dhanya Chechi.
  12. Had a course project meeting with a professor i am taking a course under, this semester.
  13. Attended couple of lab dinner parties.
  14. Went for an Indian art exhibition. I was really surprised to find a Malayalam artist and a documentary about him in TV with sceneries from Kerala. I was so homesick.
  15. Dreamed of going to India and hugging my parents and my sister at the airport. Man.. I wish i could do that soon. Planning to go to IIIT to meet my good friends back there as well as some of their parents and husbands (many newly weds..)
  16. Korean Class.. going on busier than ever. End sem exams coming up. Yay!! I would be graduating from level 2.. Watch out Level 3, here i come 🙂 .. (after a break.. probably in fall semester)

Now you know what kept me busy over the last one month..

Hope i can write a post about a few of the things in the list above..

Good day folks,


My First “Modeling” Experience (^o^)


Couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to do a small scale modeling. You know, nothing professional nor serious, but just like that, when we had gone on a tour with an organization called International Student Fellowship (ISF). We had visited Namiseom, a beautiful.. Wait… did I say beautiful?? No no. that doesn’t do justice to that place… I mean B.E.A.UUUTIFUL (As Jim Carey would say – Bruce Almighty) and really really chilly as well. The professional photographer Mr. Kangchan Lee (who had came along with us ) had an idea that ended up with me and another girl (who was a part of the same group) pair up and take couple of “modeling” shots 😉 .. This was the closest to the real life modeling i guess i would ever get.. and hence this post with an intent of commemoration..

There is nothing much to explain but if you are interested (god save your senses !! lol! ^^) you may visit the following links to see three pics.. These pics were taken by another friend of mine using a regular camera and are not the actual outputs from the professional photographers camera.

In other news!! My life is going pretty hectic now with the Korean learning class taking most of my time, but i must admit its lots of fun to be there learning A.B.C.s of a new language instpite of being so called “engineers”.. Feels like we are all back in the good ol’ days… To do justice to my lab work and to compensate, I am having to struggle pretty much during the weekdays.. But its fun even then and much more on weekends when its indeed party time.. ^^ Last weekend, I went to a park called SeonYuDo along the magnificent Han River and also had a party with m Korean Classmates where we went partying with food and drinks.. Have posted the photos in my online gallery @ .. Check them out too when you get time.. 🙂

Adios Amigo,