Something on relationships and Psychology

These days I am very much into Psychology and Relationships..
I don’t know since when… But, analyzing people and events have always been my hobby/habit.. I have learnt a lot about people and “how they think” and “why they do what they do” etc thanks to various people I had come across with.. I take this as an opportunity of personal growth as well..

Anyway, I came across an article by a Psychologist named Al Turtle. He has given a detailed explanations of various stages in a relationship and has tried to define what he calls the path from temporary “Romantic Love” (which every couple experiences due to the drug called phenylethylalamin, excreted by our brain) to “Vintage Love” (thanks to endorphins).. He also aims to create what he calls a “Relationship Map”, which is aimed at assisting you in analyzing where you are in a relationship, just like a regular geographical map..

I recommend this article to those who are in a relationship.. It would surely make you understand why things happen the way they are…

NOTE: This article is VERY long.. So I would advice people with no interest in Psychology against reading this…

Without any further ado, here you go..


Quote:  “And so with all five components of the Biological Dream we have:  the human brain desires a community, a reliable connection with other humans who express their differences freely, can act independently, can reach their full unique productive potential and where there is safety. And this, I believe, is hard-wired in all humans.  We come into the world with these five  needs and expectations: Safety, Reliable Membership, Diversity, Autonomy, Purpose.”