Make your Bucket List: The one with B.L., Salsa and Me

Life’s just one, whats the point in living without attempting each and every crazy (physically non-harmful) thing you wish to do, and that too when you are young? This principle defines my life in the recent times

Inspired by the movie Bucket list, I decided to make one myself. After all, its never too late to try the things you have always wanted to try. Its just this one life that I have got.


First step, make the bucket list. A constantly update list, but here are the current significant entries, in no particular order:

  • Sky Diving
  • Para gliding (2012 May)
  • Para Sailing (2006 July)
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Under Sea Walking (2006 July)
  • Conquering Mount Fuji (12,389 ft)
  • Jump from a tall tower hanging on a rope (2006 July)
  • Trekking to the top of Machu Pichu
  • Ski through the advanced level slopes
  • Learn Japanese language
  • Dancing (2012 March)
  • Scuba diving
  • Take a ride on a fighter jet
  • Driving at speeds over 180kph

As an attempt to fulfill the entries in my bucket list, Bungee Jumping in planned for next week and have started learning Salsa Dance at a club in Seoul. I was so apprehensive of dancing, given that I consider myself to be not-suitable-for-dancing kind, but hey, all it takes is courage and a li’l practice. Went for a few classes and this is what I have learned so far. It is not as difficult to learn as break dance and stuff, especially because dances like Salsa and Swing does not depend on how well you can twist and move your entire body, rather, it just depends on how well you can adapt your feet movements to the rhythm in the music. Check out some basic salsa steps to know what I am talking about.

The best thing about dancing is the electric atmosphere and the energy you get from it. You have to be there to see what I am talking about. Its an entirely different universe behind that door (Man, the sound proofing must be great for the walls there.) Girls and guys sitting around and every song, the guy goes to a girl of her choice and asks her hand for the dance and its called Holding.

The basic etiquette is: A girl (called follower) can deny a guy (called leader) once for one song, if she is tired but its not polite to deny the same guy twice, the same day. If a girl asks a guy for holding, a guy cannot even deny once (why would he?) 🙂 But as far as I have seen, unless someone is really really tired, they dont deny the request from the person requesting the holding. Overall, its fun and you get to meet so many new and interesting people, outside of work-o-sphere, which is something people lack when they are in the R&D field.

We are going on a dance workshop this weekend. A barbecue, socializing and all night dancing at a pension in the hills. Everyone is eagerly looking forward to it I am sure. So am I.

Will attempt on the remaining entries in the bucket list when the opportunity comes. In the meantime, I am busy adding other interesting items to this bucket list.

Why don’t you make your bucket list today? List some interesting things you have always wanted to do, but never had the guts/chance to do it. Let me know if you think I should include them in mine as well.


2 Responses

  1. Hello Kiran
    Nice blog there.
    Would love to salsa sometime which I have always wanted to.
    I am at Yongin, an hour drive from Seoul.
    Can you share some information about this club: Their fee, timings, location and contacts.

    Thank you

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