Best(est) Mobile Phone the World has EVER Seen!

First things first… let’s see what this fuss is all about.. Shall We ??? πŸ™‚ Here you go without much more of a suspense…

By the end of this post.. You will understand why the title is so…

Hmm .. So you are here to know why is Haptic2 the best mobile phone anyone could ever have ?? πŸ™‚ Bought today, the Samsung Haptic2 (A Computer/Mobile Phone/Television/Video and Music Player that fits in your palm) is the best mobile phone(?) ever produced by ANY COMPANY (Yes including Apple’s iPhone, which should be history thanks to Haptic2, and supposed to be a revolution because of which it is used as a benchmark)..

You will ask why ??? Here goes the answer…

Green => This feature is better than (or absent in) iPhone

Red => This feature is better in Apple iPhone

Here comes an incomplete overview of the some of the wonderful features in this “small” package called Haptic2:

Cost: 30% Cheaper than Apple iPhone 8GB Model

Screen: 3.2 Inch (240 x 400 resolution) 262K Color TFT LCD Touchscreen Display. (Touchscreen: Use your hand or use a stylus, choice is up to you, Size: Slightly smaller that of IPhone which stands @ 3.5 inches)

Design: Slim and Sleek Design boasting levels of elegance never seen before (See for yourself with more pictures coming in my next post)

3G Enabled: Yes with HSDPA Support with 7.2 Mbps max. download speed (Refer Wiki for more Details πŸ™‚ .. )

Wireless: Bluetooth 2.0, No WiFi (but supports internet via 3G.. I have been using it and its pretty good as well)

Camera: 5 Mega Pixel Auto-focus Camera with Flash and Image Stabilization

Memory: 4GB internal Memory in SCH-W550 and 16GB Flash memory in SCH-W555 model (Expandable by a maximum of 8 GB by a Micro SDHC Card by spending about another $25)

Mobile Telivision: T-DMB with TV recording (For the uninformed – This enables us to watch and record the regular TV channels on the phone)

Radio: FM Radio, DAB with recording (I fail to understand why Apple doesnt include such a trivial feature as FM, in their products)

Music: MP3 playback

Recording: Voice, Video and TV Recording

Video Support: Support for all major kinds of video formats.

Input Specialities: Handwriting Recognition for SMS, MMS and Dictionary

Widget Support for customizable desktop about 50 widget applications supported (Can be seen in the video in my next post)

G Sensor (Gravity Sensor) – Senses the orientation of the phone. This feature is pretty useful, for example you want to browse through a list of pictures, instead of dragging, just ttil the phone in the desired direction and the pics will automatically scroll. Suppose you want to play a game of dice, Just shake the mobile phone, the dice get randomized (See examples in the videos below). The g-response is much better than iPhone (I have used both and tested them for this feature)

Personalized Vibration : Touch feedback makes the mobile phone user experience more sensory, intuitive, useful, and fun. With this feature, users feel exhilarating force feedback in mobile games, similar to that found in console games, unmistakable confirmation in response to touchscreen, keypad, and button presses, as well as unique caller IDs with distinct vibrations that reveal who is calling even when the sound is turned off.

From its “My own haptic” menu, Haptic 2 allows users to create personalized haptic effects through a graphical user interface based on the conventions of Immersion’s VibeTonz Studio authoring tool for developers. Users can touch and drag icons representing wave shape, duration, and intensity to create distinctive vibrational patterns. These creations allow them to personalize their phones with unique haptic experiences, such as assigning them as non-audible ring tones that signal incoming calls. (Quoted from:

On-Demand Speak Out Translation: The mobile can speak for you when you go to other countries. Select the conversation you want to be translated from a huge list of possibilities, then select the target language and press a button.. The phone speaks for you .. It cant decode the reply yet.. Probably a firmware upgrade would fix that as well ..

Others: GSM/CDMA/3G (with USIM) equipped, Video Call, Multi-touch Touch Screen, Dictionary, 125g weight, VOD, MOD, Subway Map search (Really useful, finds out who to go between two points, where to transfer, shortest door to transfer, time taken for journey, cost … ), Mobile Banking, Mobile Printing, 3.5mm Headset Jack (Now on.. You can use your fav headset with this phone and not depend on the ridiculously expensive and flimsy ones that should be bought from the same company)

Now you know why .. I have tried to be as fair as possible in listing the features.. If you think any of the wonderful features of iPhone has not been included, then thats because I did not know it. Write it as a comment and I will include it appropriately…

I will post some pictures and videos with UI in the next post so that you could see Haptic2 in action .. πŸ™‚

Signing off as the happiest man on earth … πŸ™‚



14 Responses

  1. I enjoy Korean phones 10x as much as American phones – this one looks to take the cake – nice purchase and review!

  2. @ matthew : Thanks buddy .. I am falling in more love with it as days go by… …

  3. 1. Iphone runs OSX which is much better than whatever OS samsung phone runs.

    2. Before you start saying this is the best mobile phone ever, have you considered HTC phones? HTC touch HD kicks every other phones ass wrt the features. Has a much better OS than what samsung has.

    3. I use an iphone 3G and I dont find any need for the haptic feedback.

    4. g sensor. what application have you used to test the accelerometer for iphone?

    5. iphone has 16GB of storage.

    6. you don’t talk about the battery life?

    7. support of app store?

    8. Why would I watch TV on phone? Even If i do, the battery is dead in an hour.

  4. iphone is almost 1 and half years old and you are comparing a phone that has not yet been released to it. Thats admitting that this phone sucks

  5. hey..

    this sounds really cool…

    but don’t u think it’s a bit unfair to compare an original design with an advanced version built upon it, unless Samsung started from scratch?

  6. @ Asdf : I will reply to your comment point by point

    1. About the OS .. I believe that there is not much difference.. If you use it you will know.. Both are pretty efficient ..

    2. HTC Touch HD.. I totally agree that would be the BEST phone when released.. But dude.. Check out the prohibitive cost.. Its about 1100+ dollars.. Is there a point in comparing a two things where one is 200% as costly as other ???

    3. Haptic feedback is not a necessity .. Its a luxury ..

    4. Its pretty useful for picture viewing, playing games as of now.. Abotu advanced features.. I am yet to find out ..

    5. Haptic2 has 16 GB storage model as well.. About 50$ higher in cost.. Moreover it can support External Memory card for further memory expansion.. a STRONG POINT where apple lacks..

    6. Battery life is similar.. I can give you links if you want to confirm it your self..

    7. App Store.. Of course .. There are many websites here where you can connect to, from the phone, and get the stuff you need, may it be games, applications and what not ..

    8. There you are wrong .. This supports TV for about 5 hours.. and they give an extra battery free with every purchase.. so its practically 10 hours of TV at one recharge.. And trust me TV is one the the features that’s really popular in this side of the world…

  7. @ Asdf: About the release date thing .. I agree with you .. But i did not understand what did you mean by “a phone thats not released yet” If you read the first part of my post, i wrote “bought today” .. It means I am already using it .. And first version of this phone was released about 6 months ago .. So there is a 1 year lag.. Still.. apple can always release version2, version3 etc..

  8. @ Anoop : I agree with your point.. It may sound unfair from that perspective.. But its always how things happen.. someone brings something out.. Someone else bring a similar thing out .. and then the first someone improves its first edition and brings out a second edition .. so on… I think its the most common way .. But i still wonder how much of haptic has been borrowed from IPhone ..

  9. where did you buy this phone???

  10. It was bought from a friend’s shop here …

  11. do u know whether it is possible to listen to music/use pictures as wallpapers from the external memory?i can’t figure out how to put the files to the internal memory. i can’t send the files from my mac to my haptic via bluetooth. it works only the other way round.

    • I am not sure about the mac os compatibility since i always used windows. About the music, the internal software automatically loads the files from the eternal memory (if you have created a similar file structure in the external memory as in the internal memory). I am assuming you are using Haptic2. About the photos, again, if you follow the file structure as in the internal memory, you can use them as wallpapers just the same way from external memory. To put the files in internal memory, you could use the regular drag drop feature like any USB memory stick.

      • good day!!! i have read your post and it help me a lot on how to use my SCH-W550. can you help me with the same problem like gitmelody regarding the transfer of videos and mp3 via bluetooth and also SCH-W550 cant read the videos and mp3 in my external memory. please extend me your help… thanks

      • @ iansalcedo: SCH w550 has been made to limit playing media files (when used in Korea) if they are not the proprietary format (as specified by SK/KT). Hence you need to convert the files to the particular format before you can play/transfer them. For storing the media files in the external memory, do follow the directory structure of the internal memory. If you store the files in the external memory as it would have been, if they were stored in the internal memory, then they would be detected by the player automatically.

        Let me know the result..

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